Professional Investment Management

A Trusted Advisor for Both Individual and Institutional Investors

Green Horizon Capital Management is an independent investment advisor registered with New York State. Our firm invests in socially conscious, ethical, public companies, focusing on long-term growth and total return.

Our strategies are offered through individually managed accounts in order to accommodate each client’s unique criteria and mandates. We specialize in objectives of Large Cap Growth, Multi-Cap Growth, Global Growth, and Growth and Income. The process begins with a complimentary review of a client’s particular investment and tax situation to determine the appropriate objectives and time horizon.

We will enter a relationship with a client on a discretionary basis, if we have a strategy that suits the client’s goals. Green Horizon Capital will then use proprietary, fundamental research to build a diverse portfolio with at least thirty securities across many industries. We use a vigorous valuation discipline to buy and continually review holdings. We are looking for extraordinary businesses that tend to have very high projected revenue and earnings growth. They also should have stellar managements that uphold the highest ethical standards. We require the companies that we choose to make a concerted effort to be socially responsible.