Socially Responsible Investments in Manhattan, NY

Investment Philosophy

Green Horizon Capital Management is a growth stock firm utilizing a bottom-up, idea-driven approach with a long-term investment horizon. We use a proprietary process to identify reliable companies with flourishing businesses, strong management teams, and rising financial returns.

A focus on making environmentally and socially responsible investment choices is an integral part of our valuation discipline. Green Horizon Capital Management has proven it is possible to make above-average returns while investing in socially responsible companies. Our clients enjoy a terrific total return from their green investments. Industries of particular interest include: Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Clean Energy, Cloud-Based Businesses, Communications, Consumer Services, E-Commerce, Healthcare Services, Internet Based Businesses, Media, Natural Foods and Products, Robotics, Technology, and Water.

As an independent investment adviser, Green Horizon is a fiduciary to each client, representing their best interests. We do not engage in any activity which would conflict with this objective. Each portfolio is customized and designed to meet the objectives of that individual or institution.


  • You are an expert in your field, but not an expert in investment and the various trade-offs involved. We are experts, and we will help create a portfolio to maximize your wealth.

  • Our expertise can help you formulate a plan that considers long term risks.

  • You are a busy executive with no time. You want to delegate the management of your wealth to a specialist.