Investment Process

We invest in dynamic, high-growth, publicly traded companies with the intention of holding them long-term. This approach provides the highest possible after-tax returns and maximizes wealth. The companies in which we invest have management teams that are resilient, adaptive, and fiscally responsible. They are maximizing shareholder value while pursuing a positive social impact.

We find the strongest innovators and disruptors changing the ways we live and work. These firms are doing something to improve our lives through biotechnology, robotics, cloud technology, and e-commerce, to name a few.

We look for leaders who are flexible and making positive changes. We choose companies that maximize profits while maintaining an environmentally conscious approach. Our rigorous investment approach has yielded extraordinary returns.

We invest in companies and industries which are improving our lives: Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Clean Energy, Cloud-Based Industries, Communications, Consumer Services, E-Commerce, Media, Natural Foods and Products, Robotics, Technology, and Clean Water.